L78-equipped C2 Corvette is a Big Block Stripper

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C2 Corvette

With zero options aside from a heater, this C2 Corvette is a reminder of a much different era.

These days, we tend to covet cars that are fully loaded. We want things like heated, massaging seats, active-safety technology, and plush seating arrangements. The kinds of things that automakers love to fit cars with, because they’re rather profitable. But in the old days of muscle and sports cars, less was always more. Fewer options meant less weight, which obviously meant more speed. So big block stripper cars like this L78-equipped C2 Corvette were and are desirable, both in their heyday and today.

We spotted the beautiful ride over in the Corvette Forum Marketplace, where it stands out from the crowd for many obvious reasons. The first of which, of course, is that 396 big block under the hood. The car is also equipped with the original M20 transmission and 4.56 gears for one tasty combination of speed. But that’s pretty much where the options begin and end.

C2 Corvette

You won’t find things like power brakes, power steering, disc brakes, or even a radio on this C2 Corvette. Essentially nothing more than a heater, in fact. Cover it all in a tasty combination of Tuxedo Black with a white interior, and you’ve got a pretty desirable ride. One that the seller has owned for 30 years, racking up only 48k miles since new.

This stripper of a C2 Corvette did receive a restoration back in 2006, which was likely needed after it was raced in its early days. But that resto has held up well after a dozen years by the looks of it. It’s also a nice reminder that there was a time when you could buy a car as prestigious as the Corvette without much of any sort of luxury option. And today, that only makes them even more desirable!

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