Land-Speed Racing C6 Corvette ZR1 Runs 250-Shot of Nitrous

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Sometimes a 680-horsepower, supercharged LS9 isn’t enough on its own. That’s what nitrous is for!

While ZR1 fans eagerly gobble up news of a monstrous new C7 Corvette ZR1, some current C6 ZR1 owners are still eagerly putting their cars to work. For this owner, that means feeding nitrous down the gaping maw of the supercharged LS9. And putting up big numbers at the Puerto Rico Half-Mile land-speed event because of it. He used the March 2017 meet to test out a new nitrous setup, which should have given peak output of around 1,100 horsepower or so!

Nitrous Corvette

The 250-shot from the bottle(s) adds to an already-rabid LS9 setup. Without nitrous, the car had apparently gone 176 miles per hours at previous half-mile runs on the Puerto Rican runway. With the new setup, the owner was hoping for 190 mph, although he was hampered in chasing that number while still working out the bugs on the nitrous kit. A few instances of smoke suggest the tune needed a bit of work, which is understandable, since a 250-shot is a big kick.

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Once he got the ZR1 to eat, the driver knocked out a pair of back-to-back runs at 168 miles per hour. That’s not bad, and we expect he’ll be around for another crack at bigger numbers in the half-mile.

The Puerto Rico Half-Mile runs at Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla, which is in the northwest corner of the island. The organizers first held “La Media Milla” in 2011, which was a big hit with the island’s owners of exotics and supercars. After some action at the airport in Fajardo, the event moved to the 11,700-foot runway in Aguadilla, which gives ample shutdown room. That’s a good thing, too, with nine cars going faster than 200 mph in the half-mile, including Richard Fowler’s Lamborghini Gallardo with a fastest run of 232 mph.

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