Last Documented Corvette L88 Is an Amazing Restoration

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Corvette L88

Every single Corvette L88 ever built is special in its own right. But this car is extra special for a number of reasons!

Like a shooting star, the Corvette L88 came into this world and left before most were able to truly appreciate it. These special-order, ultra high performance rides were essentially race cars for the street, combining big power with a fortified suspension and beefy brakes. Better yet, they didn’t look a whole lot different from your normal, run of the mill C3. Only 216 of these beastly rides were built, but this particular 1969 Corvette L88 is a little extra special.

Because according to the seller Pro Team Corvette, this is the last documented Corvette L88 ever built. Quite literally the end of an era, this Fathom Green beauty has also received the treatment it deserves. Namely, a total restoration by noted L88 specialist Tim Thorpe. Still, this particular car wasn’t exactly a beater to begin with and still shows only 31,500 miles on the odometer.

Corvette L88

All of the goodies are there, too. That includes the original white wall tires, factory spare and jack, tools, and even smog equipment. Heck, even the hoses and clamps are original. The seller also has the build sheet, a complete owner history, and title search in hand. And of course, all the L88 goodies are intact, from the M-22 transmission to the aluminum heads and heavy duty brakes.

Corvette L88

If there’s a cooler Corvette L88 out there, we haven’t seen it. The delicious color combination, originality, and quality of restoration here make this car a real winner. Not to mention an important piece of history. These days, it’s hard to imagine being able to walk into a Chevy dealer and buy something this hardcore. But this green beauty will always serve as a reminder of those glory days!

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