Late Model Racecraft Corvette ZR1 Runs a 9.00 at 157

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Corvette ZR1 features a 1,200-horsepower upgrade package, a stock transmission tune and sticky tires.

The C7 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is the quickest, fastest and most powerful production car that General Motors has ever offered to the general public, but for some people, 755 horsepower and 715 lb-ft of torque just isn’t enough. Up until a few months ago, owners didn’t have a choice, as the engine computer encryption system had been preventing aftermarket tuning upgrades, but since the computer has been unlocked, shops around the country are making big power.

One of those shops is forum sponsor Late Model Racecraft and since the LT5 engine encryption was cracked, LMR has been quick to develop big power packages that are leading to 8-second quarter mile times. In the video above from the Late Model Racecraft YouTube channel, we get to watch as they get as close as possible to the 8s without actually running in the 8s.

LMR1200 Corvette ZR1

LMR1200HP Corvette ZR1

While we know that this Corvette is fitted with the Late Model Racecraft LMR1200HP package, which lifts the output from 755 to 1,200 horsepower, there don’t seem to be details on what all is included in that package. The LMR website doesn’t list the package and in looking through social media posts or video details, there is no mod list.

That being said, we can guess that this car likely has some head work, a new camshaft, headers, full exhaust, fuel system upgrades and either an aftermarket supercharger or a modified stock supercharger – fitted with a smaller pulley up top and on the crank. We have reached out to LMR for more details and we will update this piece when we hear back, but we don’t need a mod list to appreciate a blistering quarter mile blast.

Shooting for 8s

In the video above, the LMR-built C7 Corvette ZR1 is trying to get into the 8-second range with the components of the LMR1200HP package, a set of sticky rear tires and the big aero package. After a good, hard launch, the new ZR1 blasts down the track, stopping the Houston Raceway timers with a 9.009 at 157.71 miles per hour.

LMR1200 Corvette ZR1

While this is a bit short of the 8-second run that the team was hoping for, we can’t ignore the fact that this Corvette has the extreme aero package that includes the huge rear wing. That rear wing begins adding drag and slowing the car down around 60 miles per hour while offering no advantage on the drag strip, so if they had taken the wing off prior to the run, there is a good chance that this new Corvette would have gotten into the 8s.

LMR1200 Corvette ZR1

We imagine that on their next time to the track, this LMR-built Corvette will run in the 8-second range, but in the meantime, crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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