Late Model Racecraft Pushes for More Power in C7 Z06

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There’s certainly a lot going on at Late Model Racecraft (LMR), especially when it comes to getting more power out of the new Z06.

A hell of a lot.

From hours and hours of in-house tuning to working with American Racing, the LMR team is exploring just about any and every possible way to beef up those horsepower and torque numbers in the new Z06.

While most are still in the early R&D phases when it comes to figuring out ways to improve the Z06’s output, the LMR team has tuned more new Z06s than practically any other performance company to date. And they’ve got the data and video to prove it.

Some of the earlier work with the new Z06 included installing a set of 2″ headers with a 3×3 X-pipe and one of their prototype race cold air induction systems with hours of dyno tuning to improve output. A dyno of some of those earlier tuning results are highlighted here.

One of LMR’s latest dyno runs for the C7 Z06 with a header installation and in-house dyno tune yielded an impressive 664 rwhp, which you can hear in all its glory in the video posted below.

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