Late Model Racecraft’s 1,000-HP C7 Z06 Package

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Procharged and Tuned! Late Model Racecraft’s 1,000-Horsepower Package Is Sure to Keep You Smiling

When it comes to excessive horsepower, there’s really no defined number when things start getting silly. But 1,000 comes pretty close. So if silly power is what you desire, Late Model Racecraft has exactly what you’re looking for.

Starting off with a C7 Corvette Z06, LMR ditches the factory supercharger in favor of a procharger, which it then turns to 11. After some dyno tuning, the 1,000-horsepower package lives up to its name, with a grand total of 935 hp finding its way to the ground.

With an engine already made for boost, throwing on a centrifugal supercharger makes a whole lot of sense. Intake manifolds can be made more efficient, and the plumbing is far easier to work with than turbocharging.

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We are starting to enjoy the aftermarket horsepower wars that have been developing lately. Next thing you know, someone will come out with a 1,500-hp package. Granted, those numbers can be reached if you have the money, but that’s usually reserved for individual builds. Having a ready-to-go kit like the one offered by Late Model Racecraft seems like a great way to bump up power.

If you need more proof, check out the teaser video above, and the additional dyno footage below.

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