Lawdogg149 Cracks Personal Best in Z06 Corvette at Road Atlanta

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Lawdogg149 Road Atlanta Run

I just love reading Corvette Forum member Lawdogg149’s threads about his Z06.

They’re always entertaining, but I think the real reason I’m so drawn to his posts is because he just seems so genuinely excited about sharing his experiences on the track (faults and all), which help fellow C7 owners get a little more enjoyment out of their cars.

Lawdogg149’s latest thread, titled “Lawdogg149’s Rd ATL new fastest lap review,” features some impressive driving and a personal best run of a 1:34 lap at Road Atlanta, as highlighted in the video below.

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“Went out today to Road Atlanta with Chin Motorsports,” writes Lawdogg149. “Day started off with slight drizzling rain drops which faded away to cloudy skies. Temps maxed out around 73 degrees. Day started off with a ton of 1:35 laps which is my old record from Jan. Something about finding the limit of the car and tires and wanting to exceed them. Well today was the day. With help from my professional driving coach Dez I broke into the 1:34 club.”

If you want to see Lawdogg149’s impressive personal record breaking run in action, it starts at around the 3:12 mark in the video.

After racking up two full days on the track, the day’s run did leave Lawdogg149 in need of some new brake pads, which he priced out at $300 for a full set on Amazon. But it clearly seems like it was well worth the fun.

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