Jay Leno Takes Former Fear Factor Host’s Corvette Stingray for a Spin

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Leno and Rogan

Jay Leno certainly isn’t shy when it comes to cutting loose behind the wheel of a Corvette, which is why we always find his video features on the cars so entertaining.

The latest includes the celebrity car buff blowing through the wind in a gorgeous 1965 Stingray Mod owned by comedian and former Fear Factor host, Joe Rogan, as featured in a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

In addition to being an entertaining ride with Leno and Rogan, the video also provides some great insight on what it takes to pull off a hot resto mod like this ’65 Stingray, given how much work Steve Strope of Pure Vision put into bringing Rogan’s vision for the car to life.

Leno and Rogan in car

Rogan, who currently works as a commentator for UFC, said that after buying the custom Corvette, the car’s suspension had detached from the frame before he contacted Strope.

“30 to 35 percent of the workload in my shop is undoing and redoing not up to par work, workmanship, or quality,” Strope tells Leno in the episode.

But isn’t that what makes Corvettes like these real pieces of art?

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Via [Jay Leno’s Garage]

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