Leroy the Corvette Gets a New 1,500 HP LSX Heart

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As if this 7-second Corvette cart wasn’t fast enough, now it’s got even more power. Oh, and some drivetrain upgrades to match!

It’s been a wild ride so far for YouTuber Cleetus McFarland and his Corvette cart dubbed Leroy. And of course, we’ve been enjoying every second of it. The journey started with a stripped down ‘Vette experiment, but has quickly escalated into a record-breaking manual transmission-powered beast of a machine. But if you follow McFarland and his various shenanigans, you know that even breaking into the 7s isn’t a reason to stop this madness. In fact, it’s all the more motivation to take it to the next level.

It might seem crazy, but there are some valid reasons for an engine swap. Leroy’s original setup contained a lot of stock parts, including the coil packs, ABS module, and other stuff that wasn’t helping their cause to go faster. And they aim to solve all of those woes with a fresh 427 cubic-inch LSX setup. With, of course, the same pair of turbos as before.

Leroy the Corvette

The car’s K-member needed a little work as well, so the crew already had it sitting on the shop floor. Thus, installation of the new monster mill was rather simple. The team also went ahead and installed a new clutch while they were at it, which is never a bad call. With the fresh drivetrain bits in, it was just a matter of bolting all the other stuff back on.

Leroy the Corvette

It’s a good bit of work, but undoubtedly worth it. Hearing the 1,500 horsepower beast come to life is akin to a religious experience for most of us. Or, as McFarland likes to say, it “sounds like bald eagles.” And now we can’t wait to see how it all works out where it really counts, on the track!

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