Leroy the Corvette Takes Home Gold in Denver

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After sharing the win in Charlotte, Leroy the Corvette was primed for high-altitude success in the Rockies.

It seems like a rather ingenious, yet rather crude idea. Strip everything off a Corvette that weighs it down, throw a pair of giant turbos on the motor, tune it up, and go racing. And thus far, that formula has proven to be incredibly successful (and entertaining) for the Corvette known as Leroy and its owner, Cleetus McFarland. But when McFarland took his stripper to Denver for Street Car Takeover, the duo recorded a pretty impressive notch on their ladder of success.

Leroy ran an incredible four straight 8.26 passes in Charlotte, but was forced to share first place with another ride. So obviously, expectations were high for this high elevation race. But that thin air, combined with a heat wave, means that power is going to be down. So the crew decided to crank up the boost and swap out MAP sensors to compensate.

Leroy Corvette

After making those changes, the crew drives around a bit to sort out the tune. And that work paid off, as Leroy ran a 9.01 at 167 mph right out of the gate. With a few adjustments, the next run was much better, resulting in an 8.43 @ 171 mph. And on the next pass, McFarland had to let off and still ran an 8.5!

Leroy Corvette

With all that sorted out, it was time to get down to business. And this stripper Corvette did exactly that, running through all comers to claim victory in the stick shift class. Quite the achievement for a home brewed car, especially one we’ve seen come a long way since the beginning. And proof that if you want a fast car, it’s hard to beat a stripped down Corvette!

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