‘NBA Inside Stuff’ Host’s C7 Corvette Stolen at Gun Point

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There’s nothing worse than losing your beloved Corvette, especially if it’s taken from you by some cowards at gun point.

That’s exactly what happened to Kristen Ledlow, the host of NBA Inside Stuff, who had her 2016 C7 Corvette stolen outside her apartment in Midtown Atlanta. According to an AJC report, Ledlow was approached by the thieves when she arrived home to her apartment, and one of the suspects pointed a gun at her before taking the Corvette.

On a much brighter note, it appears that Ms. Ledlow was able to escape the incident without any physical injury. And Atlanta police were able to track down her Corvette using the car’s tracking device.

The AJC report doesn’t mention the condition of Ms. Ledlow’s car. But we’re hoping that she’s back behind the wheel of her Corvette soon, reveling once again in the joy that comes with driving one of the greatest sports cars in the world.

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Via [AJC]

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