LG Motorsports Is Pure Corvette Heaven (Video)

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Chock full of race-winning, record-setting rides, LG Motorsports HQ is a place all Corvette lovers should see!

When you think of places that might qualify as “must-see” for Corvette fans, a few things come to mind. Most certainly Bowling Green, not to mention the many incredible shows that take place each year. But you can’t forgot to add Texas tuner LG Motorsports to that list. This video from YouTuber superspeedersRob, is just more proof of that.

Turns out, LG’s headquarters looks a lot like a big fat slice of Corvette heaven. Right when you walk in the door, you’re treated to one of the four winning C6 racers built by Lou Gilgliotti, a guy who’s been racing for over 40 years now. Which is fittingly surrounded by a pile of trophies and various printed accolades.

Corvetteforum.com LG Motorsports Corvette Tour

Of course, LG’s facility holds plenty of cool parts and work spaces to check out as well. There’s a separate room for coil-over construction as well as a massive fabrication area where cars are built from scratch. Which is also where LG’s Nurburgring record-attempting car is currently under construction. There’s also a huge storage warehouse up top holding countless go-fast goodies.

But the real star of the facility is their garage. There you’ll find stuff like LG’s GT2 Camaro racer and even our host’s personal Corvette. There’s also the Project Car Challenge winning Corvette, a half-mile racer, and the brand-new Z06 that LG is building to reset the Corvette Nurburgring record. Next door to all this goodness is a dyno room with both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive rollers.

Corvetteforum.com LG Motorsports Corvette Tour

Pretty much every Corvette lover’s idea of a dream space, we’d say. And most definitely a place we’d add to our own bucket vacation list. So if you’re ever down near Dallas, be sure and check out LG’s home. And while you’re there, maybe do a little shopping!

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