Life-Size RC Corvette Records First Track Lap

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RC Corvette

The first time we got wind of this production-sized, remote-controlled Corvette, it was doing some pretty serious burnouts in a vacant parking lot.

This more recent clip of the C6 takes the show to a racetrack in New Zealand, where the car records the first lap ever by a real-life RC Corvette, as highlighted in a GM Authority report.

The ‘Vette, which we first covered at Corvette Forum here, is operated by radio frequencies and houses its control unit in the glovebox — apparently the first of its kind. Although, the owner has said controlling the 3,240-pound car is a lot harder than it looks.

It is, however, proof that the idea of autonomous vehicles need not be restricted to casual commutes to and from work or short drives into the city. That is, if you’re up for leaving your thrills in a Corvette in the hands of an RC device.

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Via [GM Authority]

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