Chance Barn Find Yields Two C1 Corvettes

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C1 barn find

Talk about striking gold.

I can only imagine the smile on the face of Corvette collector Larry Fisette after getting a call from a man in Illinois saying his brother had not one, but two C1 Corvettes that had been kept in his garage since 1973.

Even wilder, it appears that the two brothers, who run a real estate business together, had practically forgotten that the Corvettes (an original ’62 and a ’54 model) were even in the garage, as highlighted in a recent MSN report.

C1 second barn find

“We’ve been selling off some of our properties. But, before we sell that barn we almost forgot there are two cars in there,” the caller told Fisette.

Apparently, rodents had eaten away at some of the parts on the cars, but both were sound said Fisette.

The avid Corvette collector has since sold the ’54, but plans to keep the original ‘62.

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