Like a Glock: You’ll Never Guess How Many Guns are Inside This Chevy

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everyday carry

Corvette Forum members have been known to start a thread or two about guns and how to store them in your ‘Vettes, but my guess is nobody’s packing as much heat as this extremely well-fortified Chevy truck driver named Matt.

At the onset of this EDC video — which apparently stands for Everyday Carry, which is apparently a thing — Matt seems like a nice young man. As he pulls various personal items from his deep pockets, we learn more and more about what the veterinarian keeps on his person at all times. Normal things, like keys, phones, and syringes.

Then he pulls out gun number one: a Bodyguard 380, complete with a Terminator style laser sight. “I feel pretty well-protected with that,” says Matt.


Then gun number two, a rifle “everyone should have,” on account of its durability: a Mosin-Nagant. “If your truck gets hit by a rocket launcher or something like that.”

You know, just in case.

But he’s not done there, Matt also apparently needs a second pistol, a Ruger 9mm, for “a little backup.”

And a third pistol, a .22 specifically used for warning shots. “Vice-presidentially proven to scare away bad guys.”

Matt’s also got a fourth pistol in the door, a “backup to the backup to the backup.” He’s like the gun-toting version of the cloud.

everyday carry

But all those little guns are for kids. When Matt flips the backseat up, it looks like the scene in Commando when Arnold goes gun shopping. Matt’s got himself a moving armory, including more pistols, a shotgun, and an AR-15. “Everyone needs an AR-15 in their car at all times, just to make sure you can reach those guys who are running a little bit too far.”

Apparently Matt lives in a more dangerous part of the world than I do.

Just when you think maybe Matt’s got enough guns, he pulls the camera back to reveal a roof-mounted Barrett .50-cal. Because sometimes the bad guys hide behind “a truck or a house.”

Matt’s favorite phrase seems to be “just in case,” though it’s not made exactly clear of what this worst case scenario involves. But whether the “bad guys” he’s facing are commies, or zombies, or aliens, it doesn’t matter, because I know one guy whose path I won’t be crossing.

Of course, I won’t be taking my dog to his vet clinic either.

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