Limited-Production C5 Corvette Gets Trashed in France

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Chevrolet made only 46┬áLe Mans Commemorative Edition C5 Corvettes. Now there’s one less on the road.

A wrecked Corvette is never a pleasant sight, no matter where the accident occurred or what language the people speak there. This Corvette carnage photographed in France is especially painful to look at because the mangled heap was once a rare C5.

Judging by the body color and roof stripes, it appears to be a European (RPO Z18) version of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Commemorative Edition 2004 Corvette coupe (when it was new, it looked like the curvy blue beauty below). According to the Corvette Action Center, the RPO Z18 was a European-export-only, LeMans Commemorative Coupe with the Commemorative stripes, carbon-fiber hood, base wheels and tires, and red brake calipers, but wasn’t equipped with the almighty LS6 and titanium exhaust. Chevrolet only made 46 of them.


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So what exactly happened here, aside from the obvious? This is what translating the original article from French to English reveals:

“The accident, which occurred in the middle of the afternoon according to our information, did not cause any serious injuries but consequent damage, including on the only car in question that ended its race against garbage cans and the facade of a house. The police went to the scene, but the incident finally had to be settled amicably between the owners of the vehicles concerned. According to one witness, the driver who was on board reported a mechanical problem causing her loss of control.”

It’s good to know that everyone’s OK, but we still have to ask: How do you say “What a waste” in French?

via [Corvette Blogger] and [La Voix du Nord]

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