Listen to Borla’s Perfect Exhaust System for Non-Dual Mode C7s

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Borla Exhaust

It’s been said a few times here that nothing quite leaves a lasting impression for a Corvette like a great sounding exhaust note.

That, my friends, is where the voice of a great ‘Vette comes to life. Or in the words of Alex Borla, CEO of Borla Performance, “The sound of power is the power of sound. It is a conduit between driver and machine, and its clarity is vital.”

That’s why Borla has gone to great lengths to come up with a specially-tuned system for non-dual-mode exhaust equipped C7 Corvettes, as showcased in the sonorous video below.

Available in three different sound configurations, the system includes the “Touring” exhaust, the “S-Type” for a more aggressive note, and the “Atak” system for those that desire a much more extreme exhaust sound out of their C7.

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Via [GM Authority]

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