Living Loud: C6 Full Exhaust Install

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Dynatech exhaust install.jpgThere are few things as satisfying as mashing the throttle and hearing your engine roar, but since this is a family forum, we can’t really talk about most of the other ones. And while a factory exhaust note is fine for some drivers, there are plenty of folks who aren’t going to be satisfied until their engines sound like a pride of pissed off lions gargling with gravel. CF Senior Member JayplaySS2 is one of those people, and after installing some Dynatech 7/8 headers and some 3? off-road X-Pipe on his C6, he reported that ?It sounded like Jesus himself was returning when I started it.? Works for me! He says that anyone can do this, so if you’ve always wanted your ?Vette to do a credible Armageddon impression, check out his excellent DIY thread.

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