LMR Helps C7 Z06 Owner Unlock 1,000 HP

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Late Model Racecraft Pushes Z06 Past 1,000 HP Mark in Hopes of Achieving Mid-9 Quarter-Mile Times

When it comes to Corvettes, it’s clear that some just can’t get enough power.

Hey, we get it. Sometimes that 650 horsepower packed into the Z06 just won’t cut it. Especially if you’re really addicted to speed. That certainly would explain what appears to be a never-ending quest to get as much output as possible out of the C7 Corvette variant.

Take, for example, this 2016 red Z06 owned by Brock Lawrence, featured in a recent Super Chevy report.

LMR Corvette

Lawrence has a thing for speed. So, not long after buying his Corvette, he decided to take it to the team at Late Model Racecraft (LMR) in Houston. He was looking for a power upgrade, with a goal of breaking into the mid-9s in the quarter-mile. After a few minor tweaks, at the request of Lawrence, the team decided to up the ante with 1,007 horsepower to the wheels.

According to Super Chevy, that puts the street output at about 1,150 horsepower, substantially more than a factory Z06.

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To crank up the car’s output, the ‘Vette’s 6.2-liter LT4 engine had a total refresh, including boring out the cylinders, swapping out the crank for a Callies Dragon Slayer, and upgrading the rods to Callie Ultra H-beam units. The team also added new custom pistons from Wiseco to increase the compression ratio, among other changes.

But the big boost in power came from replacing the Z06’s stock supercharger for a ProCharger F-1R supercharger blow-off. To deal with heat soaking issues, LMR installed an air-to-air intercooler.

Lawrence’s exhaust also got an upgrade, with the addition of American Racing long-tube headers and an off-road X-pipe.

Apparently, Lawrence hasn’t yet conquered his quest to run a mid-9 quarter mile. But LMR certainly seems to have put together a winning formula to achieve that goal.

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