LMR Twin-Turbo Corvette Breaks Another Record

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LMR Corvette C7

Long gone are the days of when wanting to go fast meant strapping a honkingly great big blower to a honkingly great big engine. The days of our parents’ mean-ass street machines with intakes and scoops are no more. Now is the time of the turbo — specifically the twin-turbo setup, and that’s a good thing. Why? Because that setup literally makes all the horsepower … in the world.

Here we have a brand-new C7 Corvette: hugely powerful in its stock form, but we live in America, and hugely powerful might as well be commie land. We need stupidly outrageous power to be happy. That’s why the folks over at LMR strapped their twin-turbo setup on the new ‘Vette and took it to the track. I’ll wait for your jaw to drop.

Nine-point-nine-second quarter-mile. Eight-hundred horsepower. Those numbers are just insane.

Everyone keeps talking about the death of the sports car, and the death of the auto enthusiasts. I’m not sure where the heck they are getting their information because the love and passion still are definitely there. Plus, we have a massive horsepower war that is constantly going on and on. Let’s just watch that again and bask in all the 800-horsepower goodness.

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