Long Beach Grand Prix as Experienced by CF Members

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As automotive journalists, we know how lucky we are to have this job. We get invited to races, previews, ride-and-drives, etc… But as Corvette Forum journalists we’re extremely fortunate to write for such a large, active, enthusiastic community. Writing about the Vette sure beats writing about the latest Toyota Camry (ooh! a new cupholder!). And sometimes we’re able to invite some of our members to participate, help us, and share in some of the journalistic fun.

The Long Beach GP was run a couple of weeks ago and we brought you extensive coverage, including results and photos. But Team Corvette requested that we bring out a couple of members from the forum and we happily did. Now, we’d like to share their extensive photos and experiences with the rest of you.

First off, thanks to peterpiper, who shot over 1700 (!) photos and documented the races better than most professionals. You can check out his gallery here and the forum thread he created about it, here. And second, thanks to pauldana, who posted all of his pics (many with a certain lady) right here.

It looks like they both had a great time and we’re happy that we could bring out a couple of members to share in the fun!

John Coyle is a longtime auto journalist and editor who contributes to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among many other sites.

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