So Long, Sucker! 2017 Spells End of Dodge Viper Production

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No matter what the rivalry, who the foe is, how much you hate the opposing forces — there’s no denying that direct competitors are good for business. When you see somebody catching up or pulling ahead, it’s only inherent to push, work harder, give a little more in order to stay on pace or gain the advantage.

Unfortunately for the Dodge Viper, the Chevrolet Corvette has been dominating the American super sports car game since the C7 was introduced. In fact, sales have been so poor for the Viper that Fiat Chrysler recently revealed that production of the Dodge at its Detroit factory will cease in 2017. According to Automotive News, a labor contract between the UAW and FCA did not specify any continuation for the car.


The Viper has had a tumultuous half decade. Production also stopped in 2010 before the car came back with a refreshed vigor and new model in 2013. But the hype didn’t last long, and a $100,000 selling point proved to be a deterrent. So, late last year, Dodge cut the price by $15,000. But that only meant a small blip in sales. Apparently only 760 sold in 2014 and only 503 have sold through September of this year.

A lot of that had to do with the C7 Corvette. The Viper, with its untamable 645-horsepower V10, might have been more car than the $56,000, 460-horsepower Stingray, but the ‘Vette simply offered a better overall package. Then came the Z06 and its 650 horsepower, and it still undercut the Viper on price, even after the cut ($80,000).

Even if you hate the snake, pour some out for the fallen homie. It’s never a good thing to see an American sports car go belly up.

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