Lottery Winner Promises Wife New Convertible Corvette

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Convertible Corvette C7

You’ve just got to love a guy who hits it big and manages to keep it all in perspective. Take for example, Michael Scarlett, who just won $377,241 in a North Carolina lottery.

Scarlett claims he has no plans to stop working, but he is going to buy his wife a new convertible Corvette, according to a FOX 8 news report.

Scarlett, who paints cars for Richard Childress Racing, learned he had the winning ticket after checking the lottery’s website.

“I still didn’t believe it, so I took the ticket back to where I bought it,” the Lexington, N.C. resident said. “The clerk scanned it and then started getting excited. She told me I had won big and that I needed to sign the ticket. It still hasn’t hit me, really.”

Talk about excitement, just wait until his wife gets behind the wheel of that convertible C7.

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via [FOX 8]

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