Louisiana C7 Caught in Lawsuit Over Lemon Law

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I’m betting this hasn’t happened since the C7 started delivery: A Chevy dealer being sued under the lemon law for a 2014 Corvette.

Mite Meggs Jr. and Corrine Meggs are bringing a lawsuit in Louisiana against Lesson Chevrolet Company Inc. and General Motors, claiming their new 2014 Corvette started shaking and making strange sounds less than seven months after they purchased it.

However, the crux of the suit stems from what the Meggs say was a deal reached with Lesson Chevrolet in which they were promised a 2015 Corvette as a replacement due to a bad engine in the first C7. But instead, the couple, who were somehow under the impression that the 2015 Corvettes were equipped with different engines (yup, don’t ask), claims they got stuck with extra costs on the new car, which weren’t part of the deal.

Now, I’m certainly no legal expert, but this sounds like a lot of “he said, she said” mixed with a little “I could’ve been misled.”

Either way, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one to see how it all plays out in court.

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via [LouisianaRecord.com]

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