Love & Hate: Members React to the C7

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Like many new things, or variations of old, beloved things, the new C7 Corvette is stirring up controversy ? most people think it’s revolutionary, and then there are those of you who just can’t get past the headlights?

Love It
I saw the car in person today and it is smoking! If you think the tail lights look like a Camaro you probably haven’t seen it in person. They look like nothing I’ve seen on ANY car. They are hard to explain and you can’t capture the depth and true look with a picture…this car screams CORVETTE. You can’t mistake it for anything else. 

The C7 is one of the most subjectively beautiful Corvettes and objectively best performing base model Corvettes ever produced.
– Aozora

There were many things on this car I thought I didn’t like: the hood vent, the rear fender vents, the cove vents, the panel around the exhaust, actually the whole back end,rear quarter windows etc. but after seeing the actual car all I can say is somehow it all just works together. 

Not a big fan of the rear lights but the rest is awesome. The interior is really slick and it sounds as though they have improved virtually every aspect for the sports car enthusiast. 
– Jack R. Stein

After seeing the reveal and the pictures posted of the 2014 Corvette there’s nothing about it that I don’t like and I love it that the Stingray is back!!! Very Pleased!
– zo6chick1

 It compares quite favorably with my friend’s new Carrera S 911. I think the new C7 is a terrific step forward in technology and well it should be.
– pmartjr

The C7 is the most beautiful Corvette in the last 30 years! A huge step forward in design and affordable performance. Rev matching, standard Brembo brakes and a world class interior. And let’s not forget the tech borrowed from the racing program.
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