Low-Mile C4 ZR1 Goes for Big Bucks on eBay

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1995 Corvette ZR1

From accusations of Photoshop, to the asking price, this C4-era ZR1 is the talk of our Corvette Forums discussion board.

The ZR1 has come a long way since its introduction near the beginning of the C3 era. Now a monster through and through, the cars from the first two generations are pretty tame in comparison. The C4 version of the supercar, which arrived near the tail end of the era, was more about cornering than raw power. It also had a hardy LT5 under the long hood, which allowed the second-gen ZR1 to set numerous endurance records in 1990.

While the C4 Corvette is still one of the cheapest ways to get into ‘Vettes, the C4 ZR1 is seeing its stock rise. This one on eBay, in particular, is going for a price not seen since its heyday, just one of problems our CorvetteForum members are having with the listing, to say the least.

1995 Corvette ZR1

“There’s plenty of these cars,” says member haxxx. “This isn’t even low miles for a low mile ZR1, I’ve seen quite a few for sale online with less than 1k miles, even as ridiculous as having about 50 miles on them. People tucked these cars away thinking they were some kind of investment keeping the window sticker, dealer receipts and all that garbage. They’ve been trickling out for a while now as people have given up on them and just accept that fact they are going to eat their shirt on these ‘investments’.”

1995 Corvette ZR1

Assuming, of course, this ZR1 with nearly 2,500 miles on the odometer is the real deal. Member RIC96 thinks it isn’t one, as “the spacers between the BU lights and license plate seem to be missing.” Another member, kenmohr, adds that the images were Photoshopped. FASTAZU disagrees, saying “there’s nothing about any of those pics that doesn’t look like a perfectly legit picture of a real ZR1. The rear plate is missing the black spacers, but the dimensions are all correct and nothing looks photo shopped.”

1995 Corvette ZR1

The biggest issue for our members is the price the seller is asking for this ZR1: $44,999.99. That’s nearly $14,000 short of how much it sold over two decades ago. 1985_Corvette says the seller won’t get what they’re asking, adding that the price is “most likely just a cast the reel and let the line sit in the water for a while and see what happens.”

The thread is still going as of this writing, as is the auction. What do you think? Is it a ZR1? Is it worth its $50,000 asking price? Is it even worth your time, being a C4 ZR1? Let us know in the forums.

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