C6 Corvette Intake Manifold DIY Helps You Get the Job Done

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FAST 12 LS2 Corvette Intake Manifold

Basic tools, elbow grease and this write-up will help you easily add power to your C6 Corvette.

If you are looking to add some power to your C6 Corvette and you are also looking for a relatively simple project that you can tackle in your garage or driveway, it might be time to look into an aftermarket intake manifold. Allowing your LS2 to breathe easier leads to more power, especially when the engine is tuned to make better use of that extra airflow, but some people look at the intake manifold as a key component of the engine and think that they don’t have the mechanical know-how to swap out a key engine part.

Fortunately, “JayplaySS2” put together a great how-to thread showing how simple it is to remove the stock intake manifold on your LS2 Corvette and replace it with a freer-flowing aftermarket unit. In this case, the OP is installing a FAST 102 intake, but this basic information applies to a variety of aftermarket intake manifolds.

Corvette LS2 Stock and FAST Manifolds

The Introduction

When the OP first introduced us to his thread detailing the install of the FAST 102 intake on his C6 Corvette, he offered a basic run-down of his plans along with a few pictures of the new manifold.

I just got it today, thanks Seth (Hinson).

I’ll be doing it Saturday.

It’s pretty simple but I’ll take a few pics of removal and replacement if it would help inspire a few guys to do this who would normally pass on doing it themselves.

I am considering doing the port work now OR just do it when I swap the heads in a few months, not sure. Each runner could use some attention though since you can see the actual runner is a bit smaller than the base of the manifold. I would save port matching the base until I decide on my heads, TFS 225’s or 235’s depending on what size shortblock I go with…so many options.

Now I gotta come up with $150 for my ECS tune! Damn, it never ends.

LS2 Corvette FAST 102 Front Opening

After the initial post, several members posted their input about the swap, either offering advice or discussing their own experience with the project. One of those members was “Joe G”, who shared the following insight.

Couple of tips for a 92…but not positive they work on a 102.

On a 92 you don’t have to unhook the fuel line. Just flip the rail back on the windshield and out of the way. If the ls2 fuel rail & injectors fits the 102 that should be the same. On the 92 we have to use washers to hold down the fuel rail as the holes don’t line up to the tabs. I think that changed on the 102 and the ls2 fuel rail fits without washers?

92’s use ls1 injector 0-rings which are available in stock at Advance Auto usually. Don’t know what the 102’s use, but you might want to search for that.

The 4 bolts in the back stay in the manifold as you pull it forward. Use about 1″ of vacuum line, cut, to hold them up out of the way when sliding the manifold forward. I do it by hand but I’ve done it a bunch of times. You’ll see what I mean when you do it.

Unhook the brake booster line from the booster, then when you pull the manifold forward, pull the line with the manifold, feeding it from the back. You won’t be able to unhook it while the manifold is in place.

Be careful of the oil pressure sender in the back that the brake booster line snakes around. They are expensive if you break it so don’t pull on the line too hard!

Hope that helps. Keep us posted.

Stock Corvette LS2

The Swap

The actual how-to with pictures begins with the 16th post of the thread and in that post, the OP walks us through the first half of the swap. He begins by removing the stock intake manifold, highlighting the difficulties with the two bolts on the passenger’s side rear corner and offering some tips on how to make that part go a bit smoother.

Additionally, he also shows us the line for the oil sending unit at the back of the manifold, as well as weighing the stock intake and the FAST 102.

Once the stock piece is off, the OP compares the two manifolds side by side and in his next reply, he shows off how well he cleaned the mating surface of the cylinder heads before installing the new unit.

Corvette LS2 Engine No Intake

Also, before installing the FAST 102 intake, the OP shows us some modifications needed to make the manifold work with the LS2, including blocking off one of the vacuum ports and opening up a hole in the front of the manifold for the MAP sensor.

Next, he installed the manifold gaskets and the fuel rails, then he bolted it to the engine, reinstalled the items that connect to the manifold such as the throttle body, the fuel lines and the air intake system and he was done.

From there, the thread continues on for several pages with people asking questions about the project while others shared their experiences with this project or a similar swap.

Corvette LS2 with FAST 102

If you have been thinking of adding an aftermarket intake manifold to your C6 Corvette, this thread shows how easily it can be done.

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