LT1 Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

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One of the most effective
ways to cool your intake charge is to bypass the 180+ degree coolant
flowing through your LT1 throttle body. The current purpose for the
coolant flowing through the throttle body is to prevent it from freezing
under extremely cold temperatures. This is great to keep if you park your
LT1 outside in Minnesota, but let\’s be real. Most Corvette driver\’s
live in FL or CA and never even drive them in the rain, let alone
snowy/freezing conditions.

First things first. You can buy
this same kit from XYZ Corvette Performance Shop for $19.95 + Shipping and
Handling. Or you can go to your local hardware store and spend less than
$8! Either way, you still have to do it yourself if you buy the parts,
unless you pay a mechanic $65 an hour. Save your $$$$ and do it yourself
and buy the following three items:

1. Brass 3/8\” to 5/8\”
hose adapter
2. 1.5 feet of 5/8\” hose
3. (2) small diameter hose
Now the installation procedure. Make sure the engine is
cold! Then, on the passenger side locate the furthest hose to the lower
left on the right side of throttle body. Remove the hose from the throttle
body. There will be a large amount of coolant spilled so be prepared. Then
remove the other side of the hose. Not hard yet, right? Right. Then
install the 1.5 feet of 5/8\” hose you bought to the side you just
removed and attach the brass fitting to the side that is open. Clamp the
hose to the brass fitting and then go to the driver\’s side of the car.
On the driver\’s side, locate the lowest hose going into the left side
of the throttle body. Now, remove that hose and attach it to your 3/8\”
side of the brass fitting. Clamp the hose down to the fitting and bingo!
The line has been bypassed. Now add about 4 cups of a 50/50 mix of water
and antifreeze and wallah you are done. Start the car and feel the top of
the throttle body. Nice and cold, unlike before you started this 30 minute

Now, you say. What is this all worth in the long
run? How many 10th\’s will this take off in the 1/4 mile? I can\’t
say, but you have to remember that combinations of performance
modifications will get you that winning combination. So, this I can
guarantee is a start to a key combination.

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