Man Arrested for DUI After Crashing Into C6 Corvette

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burnt corvette

This could have been a lot of worse. But it’s still a very scary reminder about the perils of drinking and driving.

Last Sunday afternoon, in Fountain Hills, Arizona, a 31-year-old male, Daniel Russell, was arrested on DUI charges after crashing his white four-dour sedan head-on into a blue C6 Corvette. One of the cars was then struck by an on-coming SUV, which then rolled into a parked ambulance. The ‘Vette went up in flames, but some heady and heroic bystanders were able to pull everyone involved away from the wreckage.

By the time Maricopa County Sheriff officers arrived on the scene, both the Corvette and the sedan were “engulfed” in flames, according to an report. TheĀ Rural Metro Fire Department put out the fires and examined injuries.

The Corvette’s driver and passenger were airlifted to another hospital, John C. Lincoln Hospital, with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

Two passengers riding in the SUV were taken by ground transportation to Scottsdale Shea Medical Center for precautionary reasons.

Also as a precaution, Russell was taken to the Maricopa County Medical Center before being arrested on DUI charges. Upon release, he was booked at theĀ Fourth Avenue Jail.

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