Man Busted for Using Work Credit Card to Buy Corvette

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American Express Corvette Card

Here’s a bit of advice, fellow Corvette lovers: never, ever, let your desire for owning a ‘Vette get the best of you. Unfortunately, that’s apparently what happened to this couple in Pennsylvania.

Sure, we get it, the urge to drive one of the greatest American sports cars on the planet can prompt a lot of us to do some pretty stupid things. But using a work-issued American Express card to buy a Corvette? Well, that’s stupidity of a completely different kind.

Apparently, the purchasing power was too much for 33-year-old Wesley Massey and his 30-year-old wife, Courtney, whose use of the credit card wasn’t just limited to buying a 2007 Corvette. According to police, the Masseys also used the card to pay for a Carnival Cruise, their rent, and some probation fines owed to the county.

However, the thing that puzzles me most is how the Masseys thought they could get away with buying a Corvette with the card and not get caught. Well, it didn’t take long for Buffalo-based hydraulics company Power Drives Inc. to figure it out. And now the Masseys are facing a lot more trouble than just a bad case of Corvette desire.

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