Man Busted After Joining Corvette Club to Steal Parts

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I’m sure there are a lot of Corvette owners in the San Bernadino area breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Local police recently busted a sting operation run by a man named Henry Myers, who appears to have joined a Corvette club in the area in order to steal parts and tools to supply his illegal chop shop, according to GM Authority.

Club members first became suspicious of Myers after he stopped attending the Corvette events and parts and tools were missing. But it was Myers’ decision to place an ad for the stolen parts and tools in the club’s own publication that finally did him in.

During the sting, police discovered everything from classic Corvette parts to actual Corvette frames. The good news is that a lot of those Corvette club members might be able to get some of those stolen parts back.

Myers, on the other hand, is facing some much-deserved jail time on charges of burglary, forgery, possession of stolen vehicles, and owning a chop shop.

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Via [GM Authority]

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