Who in their Right Mind Uses a Red Corvette to Sell Drugs?

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I’m starting to think some of the people who commit crimes actually want to get caught.

In fact, I’m almost certain they want the long arm of the law to reach them much like the guy who thought he could use a rented Corvette as a getaway car after shooting someone, as covered here. How else can you explain this more recent report I stumbled on of a guy using a shiny red Corvette as his mode of transportation when selling drugs in the neighborhood?

You can’t. The car alone is bound to spark a lot of attention, which is why I’m convinced that 43-year-old Mannie Fontanez who was recently busted for selling drugs using a ‘Vette as his delivery car, is either a complete idiot, dying to get caught, or high on something himself.

Come to think about it, he probably suffers from a little of all of the above because no one in their right mind would use a red Corvette to sell drugs.

The car pictured isn’t the actual ‘Vette that Fontanez was spotted in several times by police.

In fact, the story doesn’t indicate what model he was driving when the deal went down, but when it comes to a Corvette in the color known as “ticket red”, does it really matter?

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Source [LeHighValleyLive.com]

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