Man Buys Entire Estate to Get a Rare 1956 Corvette

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Imagine the feeling of coming across this piece of classic machinery in someone’s basement and learning that it only had 41,000 original miles?

Yup, unbelievable is one of the first things that comes to mind. But even that’s putting it lightly for this find. In addition to being a 1956 Corvette, the car is “one of 111 built with option codes 469, 2×4 carburetors on a 265ci, and 449, Duntov special high-lift cam that raised output to 240 horsepower,” as highlighted in a Super Chevy report.

Still, finding the Corvette was the easy part, believe it or not. To get the ‘Vette, the buyer, Bob Kunz, had to buy the entire estate where the car was housed, which also included a 1947 Crosley body on a Ford Model A frame.

“The guy parked the thing in his basement garage in 1983 for some reason, and I have no idea why,” Kunz said.

The entire thing, including the two cars and the estate, cost Kunz $100K.

So what do you think, did he get a deal?

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Via [Super Chevy]

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