Man Cheers On His Corvette Driving Through Flood

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Maybe we’ve just been underestimating the capabilities of the Corvette in rough weather conditions as a rear-wheel-drive sports car.

Sure, nobody really buys a ‘Vette to whip it around in the kind of snow that some people have been getting hit with recently. And yet, based on an earlier post here that looks at some pretty adventurous winter driving in a Corvette, it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

Then there’s the video below, which we came across in a CarBuzz report. This crazy guy drives his convertible C6 though a flooded highway in Michigan. The best part of the one-minute video is hearing the owner cheering on his Corvette though the torrential rainstorm.

Now, it’s clear from the end of the clip that the car suffered some damage from all that water, as the floor appears to be fairly flooded. But for the most part, the Corvette, and the owner, took it all in stride.

Careful, there’s some NSFW language, though not as much as you might expect.

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Via [CarBuzz]

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