Man Crashes Corvette ZR1 in Public Act of Stupidity

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While having an amazing performance machine like a Corvette can certainly give you urges to go quickly, let this be your regular reminder that the best action is had on the track, and not on the street.

CintyFinty posted the short video below, which shows the driver of a nice and shiny C6 ZR1 attempt a highway dig, only he manages to dart directly in front of the pickup truck in the lane next to him, causing a collision.

The video contains some NSFW language, so you have been warned. There isn’t much to see, but it looks like the back end stepped when the driver stood on the throttle, and it threw the ZR1 in front of the truck. Thankfully the collision appears minor enough that nobody should have been injured; the air bags didn’t even deploy. That said, we can’t be sure what happened to the ZR1 driver once the ticked-off truck driver got out of the car.

Everyone wants to flog their sports cars, just please try to find a responsible way and place to indulge your speed urges.

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via [CintyFinty]

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