Man Loses His Corvette Virginity to a Big-Block C3

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When it comes to driving a Corvette, there might not be a first time for everyone, but there should be. It’s a life-altering experience. If you’ve never felt cool before in your life, the Corvette will change that. It’ll make your heart race. It might even make you feel like more of an American.

In the following video, The Dutch Texan, a Youtube personality, experiences a milestone in his life of automotive enthusiasm when he gets behind the wheel of America’s sports car.

Surprisingly, it’s not a C7 at a dealership or a C6. It’s not even a C5. C4? Nope.

The first Corvette he drives in his life is a C3. Not just any C3, though. It’s a gold-turned-red 1973 big-block car with a tuned 396 from a late-60s Chevelle SS in it…and T-tops…and headers…and side pipes.

The Dutch Texan has no regrets about this particular C3 taking his Corvette virginity. One word he keeps saying, especially when he revs it up, is “awesome.” There’s a good chance he’ll be saying the same thing the next time he drives a Corvette…and the time after that…and the next time…

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