Man Pays Corvette Sales Tax in Pennies

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300,000 Pennies Are Apparently Enough to Cover the Sales Taxes for Two Cars in Virginia

This certainly puts an entirely different spin on the saying “save your pennies.”

According to GM Authority, a Virginia man by the name of Nick Stafford paid the DMV sales tax for a new Corvette and another car with 300,000 pennies. Yep, that’s 300,000 copper-colored one-cent coins bearing the face of Old Abe. You know, the kind you probably pass every day, wondering if it’s even worth the effort to lean down and pick up off the sidewalk.

Now, in case you’re a little slow at computing, we’ve done the math (thankfully cell phones are equipped with calculators). 300,000 pennies is equivalent to $3,000.

Needless to say, we think this might qualify as a first.

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Reportedly, Stafford also paid close to $1,000 to have 11 people help wheel the pennies into the DMV office. He apparently did all this to prove a point. We’ve all found the DMV to be a little time consuming at times. But Stafford’s complaint was a bit more complicated than the typical long lines that plague motorists at the DMV office.

According to the Boston Herald Courier, Stafford claims he was given the run-around about which of his four houses would be the best location to register the Corvette for his son. The entire ordeal started when Stafford tried to call his local DMV in Lebanon, and the call was rerouted to Richmond. After numerous attempts, and invoking the Freedom of Information Act, he finally got the information he needed. But Stafford’s frustration didn’t end there. He also filed three lawsuits over the matter. Although, all three were eventually dismissed.

Honestly, it all sounds far too time consuming to really be worth making a point. Then again, we guess some DMV experiences leave people a lot more frustrated than others.

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