Poll: How Many Corvettes Have You Owned?

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Chances are if you own a Corvette, it isn’t your first.

The thing about ‘Vettes is that the appeal for the cars is so intoxicating that having one is never enough, as suggested in a recent thread started by Corvette Forum member “73Corvette.” This repeat customer phenomenon is commonly known as “Corvette Fever.”

In the post titled How Many Corvettes Have You Owned?, “73Corvette” notes that he’s owned three of the cars including a 2004 model, a ’78 and a’73.

Chasb4570” chimed in saying that he’s owned six Corvettes including a ’66 coupe, a ’67 roadster, a ’71 coupe, a ’73 coupe, an ’85 coupe, and a 2004 model as well.

Forum member “Yanmar” says he’s owned 11 of the cars, starting with a ’59 back in 1966.

“Speedmaster64” posted that he’s on his first ‘Vette, but can’t remember life before he owned one.

Since “Corvette Fever” is apparently spreading like wildfire, we thought we’d mine the Corvette Forum to see how many Corvettes people have owned. So find out where you stand in our Corvette Count poll below.

How many Corvettes have you owned?

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