Mark Twain Corvette Club Show Draws Record Number of Cars

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Mark Twain Corvette Club

It sounds like the Mark Twain Corvette Club in Hannibal, Missouri has stumbled on the secret of how to pull off a successful Corvette car show.

Sure, things like time and great word of mouth are key. But the most important thing is making sure the wives attending the show have a place to shop. Well, technically, that’s only the sentiment expressed by some of the out-of-town owners who attended the club’s All-Corvette show, according to the Hannibal Courier-Post.

Now, I’m sure the comments weren’t intended to offend any of the diehard female Corvette fans who would prefer to be checking out cars over shopping. It’s just clear that having the Corvette show in the city’s downtown area was a smart move.

Take, for example, the numbers for this year’s show, held August 6, which drew in a record 147 Corvettes. And that doesn’t even include the local club members, because they don’t compete in the show.

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Via [Hannibal Courier-Post]

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