Mast Motorsports Introduces Mozez CNC LS Racing Cylinder Heads

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January 21, 2011 ? Nacogdoches, TX ? Mast Motorsports, the leader in Gen IV LS hand built crate engines and performance products, is proud to introduce the Mozez CNC LS racing cylinder heads.  The Mozez CNC ports were designed by legendary LS induction expert  and Mast Motorsports director of Cylinder Heads and Induction Cary Chouinard to be the highest flowing LS cylinder heads ever conceived.  Expect to see many drag racing records fall this season with Mozez ?equipped? engines.  The Mozez cylinder head will also be the foundation of Mast’s new racing engine programs in 2011.

At .900 lift, they flow 458 CFM on the intake and 281 CFM on the exhaust
and easily support 1,000 NA horsepower! The canted valve cylinder heads
are designed for any Gen III or Gen IV LS engine with 4.125? or larger
bore sizes.  The 6-bolt design is compatible with all GMPP LSX, RHS LSX
Blocks & Mast XT Race Blocks.  The Mozez CNC LS cylinder heads
feature an exclusive raised racing runner intake port design. A 10
degree intake w/ 4 degree cant, a 7 degree exhaust w/ 2.5 degree cant,
2.250″ intake valves, a 1.600″ exhaust valves and 355cc intake ports
provide unparalleled flow and performance.  Each cylinder head includes
milled rocker mounts for T&D, Jesel and Mast rocker arms.  Options
include a Mast CNC 2-piece intake manifold, Mast 2-piece ported tunnel
ram, Mast billet racing valve covers and copper valve seats.

For more information, please contact Chris Durrett at 1-936-560-2218,
Ext.12 or [email protected] or log on to Mast Motorsports’s
marine web site at

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