Matt Farah Tests the DSC Sport Tuned 2016 Corvette Z06

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The where is Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia. The who is Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire. The what is the 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the Dynamic Suspension Control (DSC) tune. And the why is because racecar.

As Farah explains in the video below, the DSC controller is “a way of reprogramming that Magnetic Ride” on the Corvette. Essentially, the standard General Motors MR judges the road surfaces you’re driving on. But with the DSC Controller, the MR also looks at data from how you’re driving and adapts based on that in real time, as well.

It makes your car smarter, more effective, and personalized to your driving, all without you having to physically change a thing — which is quite incredible. It reads things like throttle input, how you’re steering, and what the g-forces are. This helps the car keep grip, stiffen suspension, or improve comfort, depending on what you’re doing.

Not surprisingly, Farah thoroughly enjoyed his time in the car, as you can see below. And for a very thorough second look, this system has already popped up in the forums, as well.

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via [The Smoking Tire]

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