2019 Corvette Z06 Review Shows Exactly How Brutal the LT4 Engine Is

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Reviewer claims Corvette Z06 to be ‘the pinnacle of American performance cars’

When it comes to uncompromising Corvette force, the 2019 C7 Z06 is a car to be reckoned with. But to really get a sense of its capabilities, you need to put the hammer down. Not only do you get the unparalleled feeling of a Corvette performing the way it was meant to be driven, you get a sense of everything the 2019 Corvette Z06 was built to do. 

In this video by Track Day TV, host Dan Wang has created a stunning film. He not only drives the Z06, but talks about the experience in a fascinating and engaging way that incorporates the driver with the car. And what a car.

2019 Corvette C7 Z06

“It’s been 8 years,” Wang says. “8 long years. A lot has changed since those days. Cars are better, faster, louder. But some things never change.”

2019 Corvette C7 Z06

Firing up the 2019 Z06 and driving off, you can practically feel the earth shake. 

“The 2019 Corvette Z06. The standard of speed, 60 to 130. It’ll tell you more about a car’s raw performance in a straight line by dismissing the variable of a launch. The only thing to consider is having a flat road.”

2019 Corvette C7 Z06

While Wang misses the immediacy and emotional satisfaction most of us experience with a manual, he actually feels that the automatic is the faster car. To that end, he starts doing some 60-130 runs. 

It sounds amazing, and this stock 650 hp Z06 is breathtaking. Pushing the power curve beautifully, the times Wang posts are incredible. 

2019 Corvette C7 Z06

“The Corvette Z06 is the pinnacle of American performance cars.” Wang says, and after seeing this video, there is no one who could disagree. 

Next, Track Day TV will be testing the car out with some bolt-ons. Stay tuned. 

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