Mazda Miata Transformed Into Classic Corvette

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I guess there really is something to all the interest Corvette Forum has for the Mazda Miata lately. Perhaps even more than just some admiration for the new model, as highlighted in earlier post here. There appears to be a deeper connection between Corvette lovers and the Miata.

Take for example, Omer Troester, who customized his 2004 Miata to look like a 1957 Corvette, complete with features like the classic red and white paint scheme and chrome grille.

Troester was inspired to give his Miata a touch of vintage ‘Vette appeal after coming to the conclusion that he might not ever be able to afford his lifelong dream of owning a real ’57 model.

“My income didn’t increase as fast as the price of Corvettes increased,” Troester told The Fremont Tribune, according to GM Authority report.

Apparently, Troester’s inspiration is paying off. In addition to drawing a lot of attention on the road, the Corvette (oops, I mean Miata) has won several awards for its custom look.

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Via [GM Authority]

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