Meet the Quickest C6 Corvette ZR1 in Bahrain (Video)

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Even while missing a gear, this Corvette ZR1 blasts down the quarter mile in the high 9s.

We don’t know how many C6 Corvette ZR1s are in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but the video from the BlackRocket ZR1 YouTube channel claims that this is the only one in the Arabian country to run in the 9-second range. Best of all, it ran in the 9s with a short mod list and while missing fourth gear.

Bahrain’s Quickest ZR1

We aren’t able to verify whether or not this black Corvette is actually the first and only C6 ZR1 to run 9s in Bahrain, but with it being such an odd claim, we are inclined to believe the claim and enjoy the video.

In stock form, the C6 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 packs 638 horsepower at the engine with wheel horsepower ranging from 530 to 560 depending on the conditions and the dyno itself. This particular LS9-powered supercar delivers 730 rear wheel horsepower thanks to a relatively short mod list. The owner has added a new upper and lower pulley, methanol injection, two-inch headers, a cold air intake and a C85 tune, all of which added around 200 wheel horsepower over stock.

Finally, we know that this Corvette has a triple-plate aftermarket clutch, lightweight wheels and a set of sticky drag radial tires to help put all of that power to the ground – and the results are impressive.

C6 Corvette ZR1 on the Dyno

The Record Run

The video begins by showing the black C6 ZR1 blowing blames on a dyno as the team prepares the car for some track time. Once the dyno work is completed, they head off to the track to see what this 730-horsepower beast can do on the quarter mile.

After a short burnout, the video jumps to the race, with the opponent already headed down track when the Corvette launches. Fortunately, the ZR1 is running a very slow truck, so it has no problem winning the race.

The important fact here is that in beating the truck, this C6 Corvette ZR1 laid down a quarter mile time of just 9.901 seconds – making it the only 9-second ZR1 in Bahrain. Best of all, on the run where it set the 9.90-record, the driver missed fourth gear, so this Corvette is capable of even quicker track times.

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