Member’s Corvette Tribute Car Makes the Grand Sport Even Grander

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Homage to Grand Sport #001 is Part C7, Part C2, But Completely Cool

All tributes are well intentioned, but not all of them are well executed. A poorly done cover of a song only brings to mind how good the original was. A speech with the potential to touch hearts and produce tears may come out as a rambling mess. That’s not the case here. The owner of the C7 Corvette tribute car you see on your screen meant well and did well.

Corvette Forum member jagamajajaran has numerous versions of America’s sports car, but he also has a particular soft spot for the very first Grand Sport ever made, the 1963 model, #001. He decided to show his love for the rare race car through his 2017 C7 Grand Sport. That involved a lot of work and a little yellow. jagamajajaran had all of the body panels removed, sanded, and clear coated. Among many other custom touches, his C7 GS has a “custom carbon flash painted Grand Sport stripe with custom phantom Grand Sport in the stinger and velocity yellow edges, custom painted engine bay pieces and hood liner, custom painted interior parts, [and a] custom painted Z06 grille.”

Under the hood, there’s an impressive painting of the 1960s inspiration for jagamajajaran‘s labor of love and a few other visual nods to the first GS. Those continue on the outside and include the yellow-accented front splitter, “custom velocity yellow and carbon flash painted ADV.1 ADV 10 Track Function CS wheels,” and side skirts. All of the exterior parts, including those eye-catching wheels, were covered with a ceramic coating to keep them looking as impressive as they do right now. To make sure his car sounds as good as it looks, jagamajajaran had a Corsa X-pipe exhaust system installed.

Notice how we never mentioned a wrap or decals? That’s because we couldn’t. According to jagamajajaran, “One thing that I feel is very significant is the fact that everything is painted. There are absolutely no decals anywhere.”

We like the philosophy behind your build, jagamajajaran. It doesn’t deserve a sticker. It deserves a trophy. We’re sure you’ll have no problem picking up one or seven of those at car shows. Bravo.

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