Corvette Tiger Shark Kits are Back!

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Tiger Shark

It looks like those popular Tiger Shark treatments for Corvettes are revving up to make a comeback.

A company in Michigan is producing new versions of the nose and tail kits that became popular in the early 2000s when the kit was first used on the Corvette concept vehicle called the Tiger Shark, as highlighted in a Detroit News report.

Yup, I get the feeling this is definitely going to start another trend.

For a while, there were a few aftermarket companies offering the kits, but replacement parts were hard to find. Innovative Vehicle Solutions, based in Redford, Michigan, is looking to fill the void.

The Corvette Tiger Shark kits are designed for C5s and include three pieces: a front fascia with integrated brake cooling ducts, a front chin spoiler, and a rear fascia with integrated spoiler. The company also offers special Tiger Shark hoods, seat upgrades, and wheel upgrades.

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