New Video of the Mid-Engine Corvette on the Road with Great Sound

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Corvette test mule has the internet arguing over what engine is under the skin.

General Motors still hasn’t confirmed their plans to build a mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette, but yet another video showing what is believed to be the upcoming sports car has arrived online. This new video comes to us from the folks at AutoGuide, who caught the test mule cruising around Michigan in areas that are quiet enough that we can clearly hear the exhaust note of the car we all expect to be the mid-engine Corvette.

Mid-engine Corvette from behind

Test Car on the Move

In the video above, a mysteriously camouflaged test car is caught driving around rural Michigan. While there are no visible logos or anything that guarantee that this is a GM test car, it is clearly a mid-engine test car under all of that camo and with the ongoing rumors that a midship sports car is coming from General Motors, we are inclined to believe that this is the mid-engine Corvette.

Mid-engine Corvette front side

Thanks to the convenient location of the camera in each portion of the video, we get a great look at the mid-engine Corvette test car from all sides. More importantly, this video gives us a chance to hear that unique exhaust note – creating some discussion as to whether this mysterious sports car is powered by a V8 or something smaller.

What’s Under the Hood?

As you watch the video above, make sure that you have your sound up, so that you can hear the exhaust note of the mid-engine Corvette test mule. We don’t get any exciting hard revs or anything like that, but we do get to hear the engine at idle and during several gradual, gentle periods of acceleration. In some of the clips, the exhaust note sounds unusual, with a higher-pitched tone than your average V8.

Mid-engine Corvette Rear Driver's Side

This has led some online commenters to insist that there is a boosted V6 under the hood while others insist that it is a V8. In some cases, people believe that the unique exhaust note could come as a result of an unusual engine design, such as a flat-plane V8, or if the addition of turbochargers have led to the unique sound.

Check out the video above and share your input as to which engine you think is hiding under the rear hatch.

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