What Does a Mid-Engine Corvette Say About the Car’s Future?

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Corvette Mid - Engine

What would you say to a 2018 Corvette with a base price of $100,000-plus?

It seems rather odd when you think about it, right? I mean, a Corvette with a starting price nearly double the cost of a C7 seems a bit unreal, given the fact that the ‘Vette has always been a sports car that the common, hard-working person could afford.

And no, that “$100,000-plus” did not come from General Motors or some “trusted inside source.” It’s just a speculative number that’s been circulating among a few automotive news sources, like Autoblog, as highlighted in a recent report. So, don’t go posting that $100K on Facebook as if it’s some official statement from some high ranking Chevy executive.

It does, however, seems like a fairly good prediction on the cost of the mid-engine model, which does makes you wonder what the future of the Corvette looks like down the road. As the Autoblog report points out, rumor has it that even with the potential introduction of the new mid-engine Corvette, Chevy will still keep the C7 around for a while.

Still, it appears that the days when regular, working class folks could dream of owning a Corvette may become a thing of the past.

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Via [Autoblog]

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