Mid-Engine Corvette Spied From Afar with Corvette Bodywork!

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Up until this point in history, we weren’t really sure a mid-engine Corvette was coming. Many of you believed it to be true, but I was a skeptic. We’d even seen a spy photograph of the car in a Holden Ute body. But now we seem to have photographic proof that Chevrolet is testing the car in mid-engine form.

Have a look at these Motor Authority spy photos, and you’ll see a Corvette-looking vehicle that’s holding the engine in the rear. Where there’d normally be glass and a rear hatch, there seems to be an opening to allow the engine to breathe. There’s even another Corvette nearby for reference.

The prototype looks wider and lower than a regular C7 Corvette, which is something we would expect from a car that will ultimately be faster than the current car. How much faster? The sky’s the limit.

General Motors recently announced some significant investment in the Bowling Green plant to make room for the next-generation Corvette. That set the internet ablaze with mid-engine rumors once again. It really seems, though, that Chevrolet is seriously toying with the idea of a mid-engine Corvette.

A spy shot does not a production car make, but it is a good indication that Chevrolet and General Motors are working on the mid-engine car you all have been waiting for.

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image [Car and Driver]

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