Facebook Fridays: Minnesota Man Builds Corvette Out of Snow

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When Mother Nature gives a Corvette fan a healthy dose of snow and ice, what’s one to do?

Well, build a cool Corvette out of the stuff, of course.

That’s exactly what Stan Gullett of Andover, Minnesota did, along with his 5-year-old step-daughter Keira, who helped him build the snow car sculpture. And they did such a good job we had to feature their work on this week’s Facebook Fridays post. The story, which we pulled from the National Corvette Museum’s Facebook page, is far from our usual FBF fare though.


But then again, this isn’t your typical Corvette, as highlighted in a more thorough report on the icy replica in a National Corvette Museum story. The “Snow-Vette,” as the NCM describes it, was sculpted to look just like Gullett’s 1980 orange Corvette, and was completed within a day.

The sculpture has quickly become a hit in Minnesota, making its way on the local Fox station’s Facebook page as well. How’s that for working through those winter blues?

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Via [National Corvette Museum]

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